Get in touch

You can contact Joanna Hogan directly 

to arrange an online or face-to-face appointment, or to find out more.

Our therapy rooms are relaxing, ambient environments with free parking:

Sevenoaks Town Centre: Springbank Clinic,

13 Pembroke Rd, Sevenoaks, TN13 1XR

and in the beautiful countryside location of

St Julians Club, Underriver, TN13 0XR

Near Hildenborough & Tonbridge, Kent.

Crisis Numbers

Please note that we do not run an emergency service and cannot attend to people in crisis. If you are actively suicidal or psychotic, you should seek urgent help by dialling 999 or by visiting your nearest Accident and Emergency Department.

If you are unable to keep yourself safe or self-harming between sessions, my private practice is not the right place for you at the current time. If you want advice on mental health services please speak to your G.P or call 111.

The Samaritans provide a 24-hour helpline on 116 123.